Thursday, 12 July 2012


Friday night, I met up with some other Toronto bloggers at the Duke of York, to meet Daniella, who is moving here from Mexico City in August to do a PhD at the University of Toronto. I forgot to bring my camera, but Maria has some pictures here . Maria entertained us all by re-enacting the Dominion commercial for French bread, which you can see here.

Got home at about 11.30, had some left over Easter chocolate, and then proceeded to sleep until noon. I told you, it was a busy week! Did some laundry, cleaned the bathroom, spent some quality time with the cats, went to Greektown for a really late lunch, came home, watched an episode of Big Love (one soon-to-be-married acquaintance sums it up this way: "Three wives, three times as many problems"), went to bed, and now it's Sunday.

Sunday mornings are OK, but I hate that Sunday-evening depression that sets in at about 5 PM, when it hits you that the weekend is officially over and that it's a "work night". I'm trying to sort out a few days' vacation in Montreal - I just need to pick the days. Until then, it's back to the routine.

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