Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Another day

Following a thrilling day majoring in the concepts of "Connected Data Protector/PC", my colleague and I motored through the driving rain to MK whereupon we both proceeded to get a little lost before locating the gigantic snow slope and reported for a mammoth three hour lesson.

They didn't have any size 10 boots. They gave me a shiny new pair of size 9s. Funnily enough, they didn't really fit, so they dug around and found me a knackered old pair of 10.5s. The laces missed out a vital part of their cover, and the boots had, to put it politely, seen better days, but the next step was an 11.5 and I think I'd have got lost in those.

This lesson was a combined Stage 3 / Stage 4 session. Stage 3 was basically to master the art of turning swapping your leading foot, and Stage 4 was to get turning always using the same leading foot. One of these tasks turned out to be much easier than the other one. Can you guess which one it was?

Multiple attempts at the second of these saw me forget what I was doing halfway through the turn, pull out of it, and fall face down into the snow. My knees took a heck of a battering, and there was one fall where, despite the pain in my knees, I was more worried about my shoulder.

My instructor told me that I was nearly there but that she thought I was thinking too much, and at the end of the lesson she told me that if I took another lesson within a month, I should go up to Stage 5 where we continue mastering the skills and get introduced on the proper slope. I think I'll go back and do Level 4 again.

My knackered boots didn't do me any favours either. By the end of the lesson my feet were freezing and wet, which I suppose meant they matched up with the rest of my legs.

Yes, I do ache today.

But yes, I'm loving it.

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